Bully - A Wordless Picture Book
Final Major Project
By Cheri Hasler
Student Number - 6960195746 

Bully is a wordless 24 page hand illustrated children’s book, created for ages 3-8 years old,

however I believe all ages can learn from the simple concept of this story. I created Bully in order to tackle the fact that we should not judge a book by its cover,whether that reflects bullying and discrimination within the school playground, or in general society. 


The storyline of bully can be interpreted in various ways due to its wordless nature, however I hope that I have successfully visually communicated the storyline and the targeted emotions so that all thoughts are shedding an educational and compassionate light within the minds of the audience.

Discrimination is a large issue within today’s society as it always has been throughout history, whether that is in terms of race, appearance or social standing.

Throughout my research in project 1 & 2 regarding influence on the mind of a child, I believe that in order to tackle narrow-minded judgement, we must start where I believe this all begins, within childhood. 


Although we grow into adults and become more aware of good and bad morals, we must understand that some negative experiences can largely impact who we become, although I do not believe this book will solve world issues on a large scale, I hope that even if this book can change the thought process of 1 person, that I have achieved something worthwhile, and therefore this book would be a success to me. 

Illustration Process Zine

Physical Book Design